Cómo hacer un vestido sin coser una sola puntada. How to make a dress without sewing

Cómo hacer un vestido sin dar una sola puntada – How to make a dress without sewing


CÓMO HACER UN VESTIDO SIN DAR UNA SOLA PUNTADA CON HILO Y AGUJA HOW TO MAKE A DRESS WITHOUT SEWING En este post no es exactamente de reciclado, pero entiendo que es muy creativo. Se trata de un ejercicio de clase de Design101. Comenzaba con el ejercicio #86 en el que se nos proponía planear, dibujar y hacer un modelo a escala para nuestro futuro «vestido. Debíamos pensar sobre el volumen, como sentaría Homework no. 86 Today, you will plan, draw, make a full scale paper model of your future “dress”. Think about it’s volume. Think about it’s fit. But above all, think about the seams. How will you put your “dress”’pieces together? Share two nice images with us! Homework no. 87 Today, you will handpick your fabric. From a rainbow of colours, select a purple-hued fabric to make your purple garmen Homework no. 88 Today, you will document the making of your dress. Make a how-to, a “pattern” for others to use. Create a world, a context, a language for it to come alive. Homework no. 89 Today, you will make a photo shoot. Find the right playlist to get you in the right mood… Then, once you have your shots, go to lookbook.nu, and post your best picture for the world to see… Only one, that’s all you need to make others fall into your fantasy world. But remember to share a screenshot with us!

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